2017 Carnegie Borough Recycled Art Project
~ Image Gallery ~
Artwork from the Carnegie Recycled Art Project will be on display in the Carnegie Borough building lobby from July 5 to July 29, 2017.
Special Thanks to Juan and Dom for inviting the Borough of Carnegie to implement this project at the Boys and Girls Club
and for providing great prizes including bicycles, backpacks, hats, and art supplies!
Instructor: Deneen Underwood ~ Assistant: Monika Karpa

Ages 5-7   Ages 8-9   Ages 10-12   4th Place Participants
Vanessa Goven - 1st Place
Ava Lewis - 1st Place
Gavin Vance - 1st Place
Melanie Lyle - 2nd Place
  Khyleigh Yancey - 1st Place
Sabrina Vaughn-Patrel - 1st Place
Grace Fisher - 2nd Place
Ashley Mulligan - 3rd Place
  Jordynn Carter - 1st Place
Clara Keller - 2nd Place
Sydney Jarvis - 3rd Place
Madison Bunyenyezi - 3rd Place
Cheyenne Banks
Carsen Dunlap
Adrian Ehrhardt
Harley Hartley
Hanalee Nordeen
Shea Plante
Abby Richardson
Haylee Rizzo
Destinee Santana
Ethan Sherman
Dakota Stanton
Ryan Vance

PROJECT 1 - Water bottles were dipped in tempera paint to stamp a background design. Artists used strips cut from blue grocery bags to create petals and painted water bottle caps for the pistils.


PROJECT 2 - Artists used newspaper to create landscapes.

  PROJECT 3 - Boxes from pizza, waffles, pop tarts, macaroni and cheese, and more to create portraits.


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