This bridge mural project is a gift that keeps on giving. It not only has given me inspiration and happiness but will also give hope to the residents including the students participating in its creation. It was very important to have the youth of Carnegie take part in something that gives them a sense of belonging. The design of the bridge was created with the whole town in mind. It is made to show the love and strength that keeps Carnegie coming back after any hardship it faces. It will have over 20 flowers lining both sides of the bridge and each one having a specific meaning and correlation to the past, present or future. It is not only a literal bridge connecting the town of Carnegie but a piece of art that will bring the people together in a beautiful and meaningful way. There will be unique designs to remind us that even in darkness or gloomy weather beauty and light can and will always shine through. I hope that this bridge brings enthusiasm and joy to the streets of Carnegie as well as its people. I am so grateful to be a part of this town and this project. People matter to Carnegie and this artwork is a way to help remind not just the residents but everyone that communities who come together stay together. This is just the beginning of the beautiful changes this town has in store for its citizens. I hope everyone is as excited as I am about our future. - Alicia Kesneck
Carnegie's first public art project is the concept, design and implementation of local artist Alicia Kesneck. The mural is located on the bridge connecting East and West Main Streets near the Historical Society. The landmarks silhouette was designed by Carlynton High School art teacher Marlynn Vayanos and students Mary Dougherty, Julia Zayats, Abby Charnik, Margaret Morvay, and Ellie Exler. Alicia, her husband Nathan, Mrs. Vayanos and her students along with Carnegie Elementary students Akaylia Brown, Hanalee Nordeen, Ashley Mulligan, Emma Arnold, Ethan Moldovan, and Zoey Harrist have spent several days painting and bringing the mural to life. Marlene Smith Pendleton opened her business on East Main Street to the artists as a place to store paint and clean supplies and business owner Marie DeSimone also lent her hand in painting the landmark silhouette. Katrina at Carnegie's PPG Paints store provided a generous discount and consultation on paint and primer.

Alicia, Nathan and student artists will be at the mural between 7:00-8:00pm during the Carnegie Crawl on June 11 to discuss the project but it's not finished yet. Alicia and artists will continue their work with many more features throughout the rest of the month.

"I feel like being a part of the mural makes me feel like I'm helping the community by showing off its amazing characteristics. I wanted to show my appreciation by volunteering!" - Emma Arnold, Carnegie Elementary Student

"I am very grateful for this opportunity. I am happy to make Carnegie a more beautiful place and bring many people together" - Ashley Mulligan, Carnegie Elementary Student

"We are so excited to be a part of this community art project. It was wonderful for students to hear so much positive feedback from passersby while working on the mural." Marlynn Vayanos, Carlynton Jr/Sr High School Art Teacher

Artists & Participants: Alicia and Nathan Kesneck, Marlynn Vayanos, Mary Dougherty, Ellie Exler, Abby Charnik, Margaret Morvay, Julia Zayats, Emma Arnold, Akaylia Brown, Ethan Moldovan, Ashley Mulligan, Hanalee Nordeen, Marlene Smith Pendleton, Zoey Harrist, and Marie DeSimone

Special Thanks also to:
Bob Podurgiel, Phil Salvato, Katrina at PPG Paints, Michale Herrmann, Michelle Dzurenda, Deneen Underwood, and Carnegie DPW



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