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Extending the Panhandle Trail

Carnegie is currently launching an exciting project funded through a grant from Active Allegheny for a study to explore extending the Panhandle Trail from Collier Township to Carnegie. The extension would cover 2.743 miles from Walker’s Mill in Collier to the Port Authority West Busway, Carnegie Station, and end at the Port Authority, Bell Avenue Station.

Following a railroad right of way, the proposed trail extension threads it way through a beautiful wooded landscape and skirts Robinson Run, a picturesque stream flowing into Chartiers Creek. Please view the aerial footage below for an overview of the scenic and recreational potential of the trail extension. The Panhandle Trail currently extends 29.2 miles from Collier Township, Allegheny County to Weirton, West Virginia.

The borough requests letters of support from individuals and groups who want to see this worthwhile project become a reality. Letters will be presented to Genesee & Wyoming Railroad.

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Send a Letter of Support

Tell us why this project is important to you.


American Trails 2020 Edition

Why Trails?

A guide to the benefits of trails for

individuals, communities, and economies.


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2.743 Miles Could Make All the Difference!

Extending the Panhandle Trail would require rail banking track that hasn’t been used for more than 10 years.

Rail banking is a method by which rail lines authorized for abandonment can be preserved for future rail use through interim use as a trail.


The Benefits & Possibilities are Endless

Trails have an overwhelming impact on communities with positive

health, economic, transportation, environmental, community, cultural and educational benefits.



Improve public health and reduce stress with increased healthy outdoor physical activity and exercise resulting in health care savings.

Boost revenue for local businesses and attract new business. Participate in the outdoor recreation economy ($880 billion+ industry).

Connect to Port Authority stops, stations and transit oriented development with a safe multi-modal transportation corridor.


Build green infrastructure, preserve greenspace, and protect the watershed and wildlife. Less traffic will reduce air pollution.

Inclusive amenities and access for residents of all ages, races, and abilities. Connect with community, family, friends and neighbors.

Historic preservation, education programs, clubs, and excursions, public art, cultural activities and events.



Carnegie Station Improvement Project

The Port Authority of Allegheny County is seeking public input for two concept master plans for the redesign of the park and ride lot and bus service facilities at the Carnegie West Busway Station. The project includes a parking garage, retail space and extending Third Street into the development. Rail banking unused railroad track would allow the Panhandle Trail to run parallel to this TOD project enhancing access for both. Click here to view the project overview, location, and illustrations, as well as share comments.


Amenities, Markers & Wayfinding

Trail users will be able to explore spectacular spaces, watch wonderful wildlife,

and enjoy beautiful flora and foliage, while taking advantage of a variety of amenities,

numerous markers and unique wayfinding signage.



ADA compliant shelters, tables, & benches

Pavillion or gazebo

Bike racks

Strategicaly placed fitness equipment

Designated fishing areas.

Designated kayak, canoe & raft launches

Trail Map

"You ARE Here" Maps

Mile markers

Maps with complete streets routes to parks

Maps to local businesses

Map for Health

Solar lighting & power sources


Planters & rain gardens

Newly planted trees along trail in Carnegie

Trash & recycling receptacles

Reuse of existing built environment


Chartiers Creek native fish & season information

Native wildlife information

Native plant information

Lower Chartiers Watershed information

History of Carnegie & Collier

Rail history in Carnegie

History of the Genesee & Wyoming Railroad

Geological information

Bird houses to attract native birds

Public art for viewing & as usable objects

Decorative stones

Stepping stones