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The Shade Tree Commission is continuing their efforts to beautify and make Carnegie a greener community. To view updates and current happenings in the Commission please click here to view the first Shade Tree informational brochure.




Mission Statement
The mission of the Carnegie Shade Tree Commission is to preserve and enhance the greenery of the municipality while creating prosperity and beauty within our community.

John Ferri
Robert Podurgiel
Marlene Smith-Pendleton
Karyn Rok
Bill Moldovan
Mike Sarsfield (Council)

2016 Shade Tree Calendar of Events: Jan. to Dec.


Arbor Day 2017
Oak tree in field of oilseed rape.

  • April, 2017 TBA  ~  Carnegie Borough Building
  • Stay tuned for ways to become involved on Arbor Day 17. Thank you!




Bees have been regular visitors to the sunflowers in the planters on Main Street and in the sunflower garden next to the Historical Society Building. Itís nice to know Carnegie is helping the bees that have been having a hard time surviving lately. Despite the occasional sting, they are vital to pollinating the fruits and vegetables we enjoy each summer. ~ Bob Podurgiel, Shade Tree Commission

Carnegie Beautification Day Recap
View these photos from Clean-Up Day & other community projects. Through the help of community volunteers, Carnegie was able to start fresh this summer season.
Clean - Up  ~  Planters
Sunflower Garden
(Photos of Sunflower Paintings located on East Main Street)

View Post-Gazette article for mural background story.
Thanks to all who donated their time and efforts!

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