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Public Transportation . . .
All Roads Lead to Carnegie
  • Located within a few short miles of Interstates 79, 279 and 376.
  • Home of Allegheny County's West Busway - Carnegie Station Park & Ride.
  • Less than 20 minutes away from Pittsburgh International Airport.
  • 1.6 mile walkable community.




It is said, "All roads lead to Carnegie." The Borough of Carnegie is conveniently located within a few short miles of Interstates 79, 279, and 376, and is the link with communities to the south via Route 50 and the east and west via Noblestown Road. The Borough is located just six miles from downtown Pittsburgh offering easy access to all the City has to offer: Pittsburgh's Cultural District, Heinz Field, PNC Park, and the PPG Paints Arena.

Carnegie is also home to the Port Authority of Allegheny County's West Busway, Carnegie Station Park & Ride. This bus-only highway provides direct transportation to the City of Pittsburgh and several western suburbs within minutes. In addition, the Borough offers many mass transit stops throughout the Borough offering extensive service to meet the needs of the municipality.

If your travels take you out of town by plane, the Pittsburgh International Airport is less than 20 minutes away.

The Borough of Carnegie is a 1.6 mile walkable community; the most affordable and equitable transportation system. The Borough is a multi-purpose municipality offering places of worship, healthcare, banking, retail, incredible dining, and employment, in addition to a music hall, art gallery, historical venues, theaters, the Andrew Carnegie Free Library, parks and recreation including a renowned state of the art skate park.

Public transportation is a cornerstone of all thriving metropolitan regions, establishing lifelines for those who are less fortunate as well as access to jobs, education and opportunity for people of all backgrounds.
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"The History of Transit in Allegheny County"

Port Authority Fiftieth Anniversary
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"The History of Transit in Allegheny County"


West Busway TOD Plan

University of Pittsburgh Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering - Urban Transportation Planning

In April 2012, Pitt Professor Mark Magalotti and his Urban Transportation Class presented information on behalf of studies completed on the Carnegie Business District and the impact of Transit Oriented Development. The purpose of this program was for each student to learn and implement the urban transportation process from beginning to end.

With the West Busway being centrally located within downtown Carnegie, this feature of the community creates many opportunities for growth and expansion of the Borough's infrastructure. The following presentations help to examine the benefits and obstacles that Transit Oriented Development creates.


Thursday, April 26, 2012 Presentation Introduction
Pedestrian Land Use
Traffic Transit



Thanks to Professor Magalotti and the students who worked hard to compile this information on how to develop and maintain a successful transit oriented community, the "hub" of TOD is Carnegie Borough!


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