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Pennsylvania Resources Council PRC
Collection Regulations and Information

Since 2003, PRC has held Hard to Recycle collections in Southwestern PA with the goal of providing responsible and convenient recycling for items not able to be recycled at the curb. At these events individuals have been able to recycle such item as e-waste, cell phones, polystyrene, compact fluorescent bulbs, alkaline batteries, Freon-containing appliances, tires and more.

Over the past twelve years, 20,000 plus residents have participated in PRC�s collection events recycling 1,690,000 pounds of electronics, 8,800 plus tires, 2,400 Freon containing appliances and much more.

PRC partners with local companies to ensure responsible and proper disposal of all materials collected at their events. Their electronic recycler eLoop LLC is a local company based in Plum Borough, and a Basel Action Network e-steward. As a certified e-steward, eLoop adheres to the highest industry standard for recycling responsibility which ensures no disposal in landfills or incinerators, no prison labor, nor any export of toxics to poor communities. PRC�s other Hard to Recycle partners include the Allegheny County Health Department, NOVA Chemicals, and Appliance Warehouse.

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*** With Recent DEP Policy Changes, PRC Is Now Able To Accept Televisions At All HARD-TO-RECYCLE COLLECTION EVENTS for a $30 Fee ***

Electronic Reycling in Allegheny County

2023 Events
All events run from 9am to 1pm

General Donations are accepted at all events.

Participants must register in advance

June 3

Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills, Frazer

Register Here

August 26

Next Tier Connect, Pittsburgh East, Monroeville

Register Here

October 7

Settlers Cabin Park

Register Here



The bin rotates through locations in western PA to provide free weeklong recycling service to residents. The bin also appears at PRC hard-to-recycle collections. CLICK HERE 


For questions or to find recycling resources convenient for you email Rosh Hirschfeld at PRC.


Acceptable Materials & Associated Fees
General Donations Accepted at all events

CPU (towers) / Laptops / Mice / Keyboards / Home phones / Cell Phones /Tablets /ewaste PDAs / UPS/Servers / Router / Modems / Web and Digital Cameras / DVD Players / VCRs Paper Shredders / Clock Radios / Stereos / Microwaves / Printers / Copiers/ Fax Machines / Scanners Zip Drive/ Electronic Cables / Video Game Consoles / Expanded Polystyrene Packaging Material/ (CFL) Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Small Kitchen Appliances (toasters, blenders, etc), Hair Dryers, & Curling Irons $5 each

  • All Computer Monitors (flat screen & CRT) � $20 each
  • Televisions � $30 each
  • Console or Projection TVs � $40 each
  • Printers $5 each
  • Alkaline Batteries $1.50 per pound
  • Small Freon Containing Appliances (window ac units, dehumidifiers) $10 each
  • CDs, DVDs, VHS TAPES & FLOPPY DISKS $1 per pound
  • Tires (car/truck) $3.50 without rims $10 with rims
  • Hard Drive Data Destruction Verification - 1 Drive $11.50 each
  • Hard Drive Data Destruction Verification -each additional drive after 1st $3 each

      Fluorescent Tubes $2 per 4ft $3.50 per 8ft U�
      Circle Lamps $2.75 each
      Neon Lighting $9 per lb
      Incandescent $0.75 each
      Halogens $1 each
      Projector Lamps $12 each


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